Brain on overdrive? … Try this

After spending the evening sat writing I came across this blog post in one of my many open tabs on my browser… needless to say as I read it, it resonated deeply and I found myself nodding along as the proof is certainly in the pudding. I wrote pages last night as the thoughts tumbled from my mind and I feel heavenly lighter this morning. True wise words. Namaste

Your Idea is Out There

Do you ever feel worn out by the tide of thoughts swilling around in your brain? Thoughts that never seem to reach a conclusion no matter how much thinking time they take up?

  • The dreams: One day I’ll set up my own business
  • The questions: Should we move out of London? Should I change career?
  • The recriminations: Why did I lose my cool with my kids, again?
  • And the criticisms: Why am I so … insert your own adjective.

I do. All the time. And I suspect I’m not alone.

Everything about the world we live in is busy. Our brains are on overdrive trying to keep up. Even when we’re trying to focus on an activity, our subconscious whirrs away in the background. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve “read” a page of a book, but not absorbed a single word because my mind is elsewhere.

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